swipe right: stories from tinder (the lifted brow, 2014)

alt lit: can i have your attention please? (self published, 2013)

giving tao lin good quality marijuana (scum magazine, 2013)

like dicks in the night: stories from omegle pt 2 pt 3 (vice, 2013)

un-australian english (cordite, 2012)


three poems: 1, 2, 3 (scum magazine, 2014)

i just like the smell (keep this bag away from children, 2013)

10 poems (internet poetry, 2013)

nyirbator (to view scroll down page in link) (best of australian poems, 2013)

selfie (to view scroll down page in link) (the age, 2013)

3 poems (shampoo, 2012)


the ufo in the garden (digital writers festival, 2014)

the turing test for poetry (digital writers festival, 2014)

i am in love with red head with freckles (red room company, 2013) 

wanna start a band? (best of rumpus productions, 2012)

how to eat a banana (best of rumpus productions, 2012)

top 60 jewish ghetto names (best of rumpus productions, 2009)


maria popova (dumbo feather, 2013)


tibor kalman (dumbo feather, 2013)

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