at 730am we were woken up by your sister calling
you ignored her call
then we fell asleep again
approximately 10 minutes later we woke up again
because your sister called again
you ignored the call
but it kept ringing and ringing
i leaned across you 
and i touched your new iphone five
and said
your sister is calling
and then i touched your hair and put my head back on my pillow
then i moved my head on to your hand which was resting on your pillow
and it was warm
i was confused as to how you were sleeping
on your back or on your stomach
i fell asleep
your alarm went off at 8am exactly
we woke up
and touched each other for a while gently
then strongly but without kissing
you looked at your phone
my sister called me twice you said
i said yes
you said i hope everything is ok
and you messaged her
is everything alright?
and she messaged back
i’m here in the kitchen come to the kitchen x
and you said to me i’m going to the kitchen
and i said i’ll wait here
you left and i picked up my iphone 4
i recieved an email from twitter telling me my password was not secure enough
i read the email then marked it as unread so i would remember to fix it later
i looked at the tumblr app
i was disappointed by the number of notes i got overnight
only 17 notes
i checked my twitter activity
1 retweet
1 favourite
2 mentions
i got up from bed to open the blinds in your room
as i was opening the blinds you opened the door
and walked quickly across the room
and as the distance between us got smaller
your eyes started crying
until you were only around 1 foot away from me
and there were fully formed small tears half way down your face
and your face was a little red
and you hugged me and you said
she died last night
and you made a short sound that sounded like a painful cough
and i made some sound that meant nothing
and hugged you
and then you stopped crying very quickly
and i thought of a buddhist proverb
but i decided to keep it to myself
and i’m sure you were thinking many things and kept them to yourself
and then we left the room to go to the kitchen for coffee
and that’s how the day started

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